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DECLUTTER FOR GOOD: Start Your 2021 With A Room By Room Reset (4 min read)

The weeks either side of New Year always involve some sort of clearing out. Whether you’ve hosted over the season, been a guest somewhere else or stayed at home for a quiet one, there are cards, wrapping, boxes and bottles to throw out, and decorations to take down and put away. Continue reading DECLUTTER FOR GOOD: Start Your 2021 With A Room By Room Reset (4 min read)

Fife Properties TV (S1 EP 8) SHOULD I ACCEPT: All you need to know before taking an offer.

The market is booming, prices are rising, there’s a stamp duty holiday and buyers are out in droves: could it be any more of a seller’s market? But when I get the offer should I take it! Continue reading Fife Properties TV (S1 EP 8) SHOULD I ACCEPT: All you need to know before taking an offer.

STANDING APART: 5 Tips for Selling in a crowded market in Fife! (4 min read)

The revival of the Fife property market is an inescapable news story right now, with a surge of interest across the UK.


While it’s excellent news for sellers, the high demand from Fife buyers is more than mirrored by the increased supply of Fife property, making it more of a challenge for people to get their home noticed: whether you are about to put your Fife property up for sale, or if your home has been on the market for some time, one thing for sure is that you are certainly not alone. Continue reading STANDING APART: 5 Tips for Selling in a crowded market in Fife! (4 min read)

PROPERTY MYTHS: Misconceptions about selling your home (5 min read)

Absolutely everyone we meet has a different story. Why they bought the home they live in; why they’re selling it now; what they’ve enjoyed through their time in residence. Indeed, one of the many delights of estate agency is hearing all these tales and listening to hopes and dreams for the future. Continue reading PROPERTY MYTHS: Misconceptions about selling your home (5 min read)

Property Programmes To Inspire Homeowners in Fife! (3 min read)

In this 3 minute read I’ve put together a list of programmes which will help inspire your next property purchase in Fife. It could inspire you to become the next Phil, Kirstie or Sarah Beeny.

Continue reading Property Programmes To Inspire Homeowners in Fife! (3 min read)

Step By Step How To Sell Your House In Fife!

Are you looking to sell in Fife? Sometimes it’s hard knowing where exactly to start. Our step by step guide might look like a lot of information but it can really be a good reference point to help you during this process.

Continue reading Step By Step How To Sell Your House In Fife!

A First-Time Buyer’s Guide To Making An Offer

If you’re a first-time buyer and have begun the hunt for your first home, you may think that once you’ve found the right one you simply offer what they ask for; job done! However, when it comes to making an offer on a home, there’s a bit more work that should go into it than simply offering the price advertised.

You need to be confident when making an offer that you’re not going to be stung by an inflated asking price or take yourself out of the running by offering too low. To help you prepare, we’ve put together the following information to help you through this stage of the home buying process.

Continue reading A First-Time Buyer’s Guide To Making An Offer

The Five Questions you MUST Ask an Estate Agent When Selling in Fife!

Life is a relentless stream of decisions.

What to wear?

What to have for breakfast?

Where to go on holiday?

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Some are trivial choices. Some are life-changing ones.

And deciding to sell your house is right up there towards the top of the decisions pyramid.

Choosing to sell is an important step but selecting the right estate agent to market your property is a crucial one. It is often the difference between a successful sale or a stress fuelled nightmare.

A key point to remember is that not all estate agents are the same.

To sieve out the good from the bad, the exceptional from the average, ask any estate agent you call in for a valuation, these five questions.


  • Show don’t tell. Any old agent can tell you how good they are. But you need to dig a little deeper and ask them to show you testimonials and reviews. An agent worth their fee won’t have an issue with answering this.


  • What’s your plan for my property? A well organised, efficient agency will have already know how they will market your property to give you the best chance of selling success. Ask them to outline the steps and marketing actions they’ll take to put your home on the road to success.


  • How long is the contract? This is a VERY important question to ask. A good agency won’t tie you in to a contract as they should be confident on doing an outstanding job. Less scrupulous agencies insist on people signing long contracts which works in their interest NOT the home sellers. Ask to see a copy of their standard contract upfront.


  • Ask for valuation evidence. When an agent tells you what they think the current market value of your home is it’s not rude to ask them how they arrived at that figure. This is a commonly asked question, and good agencies have plenty of data and comparable evidence to support the valuation.


  • How Much? Perhaps counter-intuitively this is one of the least important questions and should never be the first you ask. Why? Well, there is a difference between cost and value. Consider this. Agent A charges a 0.5 % commission to sell your home. They value it at £200,000. But only secure a sale at £190,000. Meaning you end up with £189,050 after their £950 commission.

But – Agent B charges a 1.5 % service fee to sell your home and thanks to better marketing, superior skilled staff and negotiation nous they achieve the asking price of £200,000. Meaning you end up with £197,000 after their £3000 fee.  This scenario makes it clearer that cost and value are very different things. (Fees are often subject to VAT).


Ultimately the best agents are the ones you feel so comfortable with that you can ask them anything.


Because after all, they’ll be working on your behalf.


And they need to be on hand to help, advise and support you with decisions such as how to present your property, what sales strategy to take and which offer to accept.


For more information about how we help homeowners in FIFE give us a call at any of our offices.

Top Tips on Downsizing to a Smaller Home

For a lot of older homeowners today, downsizing can be a great way to have a good clear out after your kids have left home, but also a fantastic way to free up some equity from your home. This financial boost will most likely come with the added bonus of a reduction in running costs as you move to a smaller home.

While there are plenty of benefits of downsizing, moving home can still be a complex and stressful experience, so we’ve put together a quick guide on what to consider to help make your move a much smoother transition.

Decide what you REALLY need Continue reading Top Tips on Downsizing to a Smaller Home

Unemployment – The Secret Driver of the Fife Property Market?

If you have spoken to us on this subject previously, you will know that in the three years since the referendum of the ‘B’ word (that word is banned in our household), we have proved beyond doubt that it (whose name shall remain nameless) has had no effect on the Fife property market (or the UK as a whole).

So one might ask, what does affect the property market locally? Well many things on the demand side include wages, job security, interest rates, availability of mortgages, confidence in the economy, inflation, speculative demand … the list goes on. Yet as my blog readers will note, I like to delve deeper into the numbers and I have found an interesting correlation between unemployment and the number of properties sold (i.e. transactions).

Why transaction levels and not house prices? Well just looking at Fife house prices as a bellwether has flaws. Many property market commentators and economists believe transaction numbers (the number of properties sold) give a more accurate and candid indicator of the health of the property market than just house values alone. The reason is twofold. First most people when they sell also buy, so if property values have dropped by 10% or risen by 10% on the one you are selling, it would have done the same on the one you are buying – meaning to judge the health of a property market is very one dimensional. Secondly, the act of moving is very much a human thing. Property habitually conveys a robust emotional connection with homeowners – a connection that few would attribute to their other investments like their savings or stock market investments. Moving home could be described as a human enterprise, moving from one chapter of one’s life to another. When people move home, it shows they are moving forward in their lives and so this gives a great indicator of the health of the property market.


Looking at Fife’s figures on the graph, you can see an inverse relationship between unemployment and housing transaction levels.

Property transactions in Fife dropped by 55.6%, whilst unemployment in Fife rose by 54.29% during the 2007 to 2009 Global Financial Crash

Until recently, there has clearly been a relationship between conditions in the Fife job market and the number of people who move home … interesting don’t you think?

Now I am not saying unemployment is the only factor influencing the Fife property – but it has to be said there is a link.


As a country (and indeed here in Fife) over the last 40 years, we have seen a shift in the outlook over the purpose of housing and the development of the religion of following house prices (and I appreciate the irony of me writing these articles on Fife – feeding that habit!) Yet, when did owning a home turn from buying a roof over your head to an out and out investment vehicle? I do wish people would stop fretting about their intrinsic value being associated with their Fife home. Now of course, I am not dismissing the current levels of Fife house prices – we just have to take into consideration other metrics alongside them when judging the health of the property market locally.


One final thought, looking on a broader scale in the UK, those towns and cities whose property markets bounced back after the Global Financial Crash had high levels of employment and low unemployment whilst places with high unemployment and relatively low employment have, on the other hand, typically under performed.

So, the next time you are considering a house move or buying a buy to let property in Fife … don’t make your judgement on house price growth alone.