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Fife Properties TV (S1 EP 8) SHOULD I ACCEPT: All you need to know before taking an offer.

The market is booming, prices are rising, there’s a stamp duty holiday and buyers are out in droves: could it be any more of a seller’s market? But when I get the offer should I take it!

Hosts Jim Parker is joined by Jimmy Mullen and Richard Cook to discuss this week’s news in the Fife Property Market while answering questions live on their show every Saturday morning @ 9.30am. Read more:

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Today’s agenda in case you would like to skip to the section required is:

1 min 13 sec – David Paton from Kingdom Off Road Motorcycle Club

15 min 04 sec – Sometimes the highest offer might not be the best offer!

17 mins 40 sec – As a buyer here’s how to give yourself the best chance of securing the property.

18 min 48 sec – Sometimes the first offer is the best offer but what do you do when it’s just not quite right?

19 min 10 sec – Establishing the buyer’s financial position is key when considering whether to accept an offer.

20 min 30 sec – It’s often we have to work behind the scenes to sort out another house sale to ensure our house sale goes through!

22 min 19 sec – An offer coming in quickly can often leave you wondering if it’s under-priced! Here’s our advice.

24 min – What’s the first thing you should do when you receive an offer? Here’s our advice.

25 min 13 sec – Sometimes the first offer can be the best offer so here is the things to consider.

25 min 36 sec – Holding out for that little bit extra can ultimately cost you your house sale Here’s our advice.

26 min 35 sec – If you’re not following our facebook pages your missing out on properties that never make it to Rightmove, Primelocation and Zoopla.

27 min 15 sec – Selling property from social media in record times at record prices!

27 min 25 sec – Find out why the mobile phone has replaced the TV and why you need and estate agent with a full social media strategy for selling.

27 min 52 sec – It’s essential for Estate Agents to use cutting edge technology so you don’t lose out on thousands of pounds extra!

27 min 52 sec – It’s essential for Estate Agents to use cutting edge technology so you don’t lose out on thousands of pounds extra!

30 min 24 sec – Closing dates are being achieved on properties from social media only! Here’s how.

36 min – Remember please to use a solicitor they are there to protect you when it comes to your property purchase.

37 min 57 sec- An Estate Agent is there to get the offer increased. That is where they add their value.

38 min 10 sec – Here are the key questions to ask when considering accepting an offer.

39 min 27 sec – Sometimes we have to deliver bad news of a potential clients expectations on value.

40 min 26 sec- Why do we need to know so much about your property when you ask us to value it? Here’s why.

41 min 10 sec – How do we value a property?

41 min 40 sec – What is the difference between Home Report value and market value?

41 min 46 sec – You employ an Estate Agent is there to get you the market value not home report!

43 min 30 sec – Your Estate Agent should be updating your surveyor every time they get more than the home report.

46 min 50 sec – A great Estate Agent will always pick up on an additional condition before you accept the offer.

48 min 53 sec – The biggest Estate Agent in the area is not necessarily the most skilled and here’s why?

50 min 30 sec – We’re always amazed when people say they are cash buyers, and they aren’t So what is a cash buyer?

51 min 42 sec – It’s key to communicate to your seller what type of cash buyer you are! Here’s why.

52 min 23 sec – It’s key to ask the right questions to establish the buyer’s position to before deciding to accept their offer. Here’s why!

53 min 34 sec – A good relationship with the solicitor and regular communication is vital to keep the sale on track.

55 min 38 sec – Did you know that Estate Agents are not required to have any qualifications to operate!

56 min 32 sec – If you are buying it’s important that you make sure you have your mortgage agreed in principle prior to viewing so you know what you can afford.

57 min 02 sec – The frustrations of selling and finding out eh buyer can’t even proceed!

58 min 22 sec – The devil is in the detail when qualifying a buyer to ensure they can actually buy and have the right budget!

59 min 03 sec – We often love breaking records and setting new prices in the area as it gets more money for our sellers.

59 min 39 sec – Gifting deposits to your children can take a long time. Here’s why!

1 hr 29 sec – Dealing with a property chain to enable your house sale to go through can be more time consuming than your own sellers house sale.

1 hr 2 min – It’s all about making it happen for our seller and buyer to ensure the process is as stress free as possible. Here’s why.

1hr 3 min 18 sec – Should the move in date be a Thursday? Here’s why!

1hr 6 min 46 sec – Make sure your solicitor can conclude the missives as quickly as possible. Leaving it until last minute can leave you exposed!

1hr 8 min 5 sec – Never feel afraid to ask questions and challenge a response from your Estate Agent.

1hr 9 min 46 sec – If you’re not getting the results your expected from your Estate Agent and you want advice, please feel free to contact us.


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