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Weekly round up on what’s driving the Fife Property market including a look at recent listings, sales and coming soon:

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FP TV (EP 133) SPRING VIEWINGS: Get your Fife home ready for the year’s busiest selling season

Spring has been the most popular season to buy and sell a home for as long as we can remember, and with good reason. Jim Parker and guests provide useful information to help you get your home in tip top order for selling this Spring.




Cautious Optimism in the Fife Property Market

The Fife Property Market in the two months of 2023 is showing signs of cautious optimism with the number of properties selling at decent levels.

If you are a Fife homeowner or landlord read the article here to find out:


Watch out for the Wealth Creation Show on Monday @ 12.30pm live on these channels:

EP62 THE WEALTH CREATION SHOW: The Principles of Building Wealth

Building wealth is a goal that many people aspire to, but it can often seem like an overwhelming task. It takes time, effort, and discipline to be successful with this goal, so don’t be lured by get-rich-quick schemes and too-good-to-be-true opportunities that can send you down a dangerous path.

The good news is that there are principles and strategies that can help anyone build and preserve wealth over the long term.


Luckily, you don’t need to head back to school to understand this as Richard Cook and one of the UK’s most successful property investors, Jim Parker is on hand to take you through building a property portfolio, what it means to purchase several buy-to-let investment opportunities to generate a significant return on investment – more so than you would with just one property. Also, making sure you are financially ready, setting goals, doing your research, remembering to diversify and the benefits of a Hands-Off Investment.




If you’ve missed the previous shows you can catch up on our play list:


If you are a private client of ours, including the ongoing support you will also receive an invite for the last Thursday of every month to a private zoom session which will be a deep dive into more detail on portfolio building. If you haven’t received your invite, please contact us to


This is all about accelerating your wealth in 2023.


*We must point out that we are not financial advisors, and this is only our opinion of what we would do. Investments can go down as well as up so if you do want professional advice from a qualified advisor, please contact us direct and we will put you in touch with someone.

Preparing to sell your Fife Property in the New Year (Watch/Read/Listen)




If you’re preparing to sell your Fife property in the New Year, then you might be feeling a little overwhelmed at the amount of work your Fife home requires before taking it to market. But don’t fret; we’re here with a list of top tips to help get you ready to show off your Fife home.


Continue reading Preparing to sell your Fife Property in the New Year (Watch/Read/Listen)

Top 10 Tips to Crack 2022 and Build Wealth (watch/read/listen)




Top 10 Tips to Crack 2022 and Build Wealth

Have you ever wondered how the rich get richer well Jim Parker is about to embark on a year long quest to show everyone how. To get started here’s the Top 10 tips to crack the code. You can follow his media channels at the links below. So lets dive right in:

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FPTV (EP 64) NOWHERE TO GO: You Found a Buyer but Can’t Find a Home. What Now? (4 min read)




One of the biggest concerns for anyone looking to sell their home is being unable to find one to buy. Although the issue is getting a lot of press right now, it’s always been at the front of people’s minds when considering a move.

If you’ve been thinking of selling your home, the idea that you won’t have somewhere to go could mean you’ve put your moving plans on ice. And if you’ve already found a buyer, but you’re having little or no luck finding a place to buy, you might be wondering if your move will fall apart. Continue reading FPTV (EP 64) NOWHERE TO GO: You Found a Buyer but Can’t Find a Home. What Now? (4 min read)

FPTV (EP 62) HOT PROPERTY: How to Achieve the Very Best Price for Your Home in Fife (Watch/read/listen)




Have you ever wondered why some homes get multiple offers, while others struggle to get even one?


It’s rarely down to chance.


There’s no such thing as an unsellable home, and every property in every price range has the capacity to generate high levels of interest. Marketing is certainly a factor, but getting the highest possible price comes down to the partnership between you and your estate agent. Continue reading FPTV (EP 62) HOT PROPERTY: How to Achieve the Very Best Price for Your Home in Fife (Watch/read/listen)

ASKING TOO MUCH: Why are agents overpricing homes? (5 min read)

The market is booming, prices are rising, there’s a stamp duty holiday and buyers are out in droves: could it be any more of a seller’s market?


And it’s true: we are achieving record prices for property; multiple offers have become the norm and, for many sellers, their home is only available for a matter of days before they receive an offer that is not only acceptable, but more than they dreamed possible. Continue reading ASKING TOO MUCH: Why are agents overpricing homes? (5 min read)

The Fife Property Market Post-Lockdown – the First 75 Days (4 min read)

With around 1 in 2 Fife house sellers actually selling their home in the last month, Fife sellers and buyers will need to continue to be pragmatic if the surprisingly strong current levels of activity in the Fife property market are to be sustained.


To start, we had the once in a lifetime event of the credit crunch in 2008, we then had another once in a lifetime event with the Brexit vote in 2016 and now the mother of all ‘once in a lifetime’ events, Coronavirus in 2020 – three once in a lifetime events in the space of 3 Olympic Games!


The doom-mongers forecast that the British property market would drop like a lead balloon  on the scale of the 1989 housing crash (where property values dropped by 30.87% in a couple of years) but would be nothing compared to the tsunami that was Covid. Yet in the first 75 days of the property market coming out of lockdown, behavioural and economic changes mean that many Fife homebuyers are now even more dedicated to moving home and the Fife property market is doing quite well.


Going into lockdown, the effect on activity in the Fife property market during those three months was expectable and predictable as it was placed in suspended animation during April, May and June. When the Fife property market re-opened in late June, nobody predicted what happened next. Of course, many of us in the property industry estimated some release of pent-up demand from the Boris Bounce, yet nobody anticipated such a ricochet in activity in the Fife property market.


This is particularly interesting when one considers GDP dropped by 20.4% in Q2 2020 (fascinating when compared to notable historic times when it dropped by 13.8% in WW2 and 16.7% in WW1), yet amidst the largest contraction in the UK economy ever in a single quarter, what wasn’t expected was an increase of potential property buyers and sellers wanting to move post-lockdown.


Some have cited this boost to the property market on a number of factors. Firstly, we have had the Stamp Duty Holiday, others have pointed at the never seen before 0.1% Bank of England base rates making mortgages cheap, then we had the furlough scheme which protected so many jobs and finally, the pent-up demand from the Boris Bounce.


Yet, when one actually talks with Fife buyers and sellers, whilst all of them cite one or two of the above reasons, all of them mention and talk about how the lockdown has made them re-evaluate and reconsider how they want to live, their work-life balance and where they want to live. This is also reflected with tenants changing their requirements when looking for a property to rent (so Fife landlords – be aware of this).


Demand for apartments in the centre of Fife has eased off, whilst demand for property with a good-sized garden or other outside space has increased. One question we get asked all the time is also the broadband speeds, although they are quite decent in Fife (the average broadband in our local Council area being 41.0 Mbps download and 7.9 Mbps upload).


So, with record numbers of Fife properties coming on to the market – is it boom time for Fife homeowners?


Of the 901 properties that have come onto the market in Fife over the last month, 420 of them have agreed a sale

(a percentage of 46.6%)


That means around 1 in 2 Fife people that have placed their property onto the market have not found a buyer yet.


Yes, the Fife property market is good, yet the number of people who have placed their property on the market has also gone up. Fife estate agents have never been so busy putting property on the market and I feel sorry for the chap who is putting up all the for-sale boards – his wife hasn’t seen him in daylight for weeks!


But that does mean you are in competition with so many other properties on the market (the number of properties coming on to the market typically at this time of the year is about a third to half less). The Stamp Duty boost ends in March 2021, so that means you need to have found a buyer by November at the very latest. By over egging your asking price, to test the market, might mean you will lose out on this hiatus and could end up missing the boat!


The prices being achieved for the Fife properties that have been selling have been fair and realistic and have stood up much better than many were originally predicting.


Yet as the country looks forward, given the ambiguous nature of the outlook for the British economy and the possibility that Covid-19 may be with us for a little while yet, I must implore Fife property sellers to be realistic with their asking price so a greater number of you who want to make the move, are able to do so.

How To Keep Your BBQ Clean All Summer Long In Fife!

With the sun finally making an appearance, BBQs will be the order of the day for plenty of us, especially after the lockdown period where a lot of time was spent indoors. However, if your BBQ hasn’t been used since last summer or you forgot to clean it after filling up on delightful treats the last time that you used it then giving it a good clean will be required. Here are a few tips to make the task as simple and effective as possible. Continue reading How To Keep Your BBQ Clean All Summer Long In Fife!