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Top Tips For Viewing A Property in Fife Like A Pro


When it comes to buying property in Fife it’s important to keep in mind that it could potentially be the home you live in for the rest of your life. With this in mind it’s essential that when you view potential properties in Fife that you take the time to be thorough and get all the information you can.

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Revealed: The Best Day Of The Week For Moving Home

When it comes to moving home, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure things run as smooth as possible, but at the end of the day, moving home will always be a challenging process.

Some have described it as one of the most stressful tasks you will ever take on and although most of us would just prefer to get started and hope to get it over with as soon as possible, new research suggests that some days are better than others.

Which days do people prefer?

Compare My Move conducted a study in which they analysed 66,500 house moves throughout the UK to find out people’s preferences for when they feel is best to move home.

The research found that the most popular time to move home is during the summer and on a Friday, suggesting that most people are looking to take care of the whole process in one weekend.

In terms of expense, it was found that moving home on a Thursday is the most expensive day to do so if you’re hiring a removal van and the opposite is true if you move on a Sunday.

These findings are true throughout the majority of the UK, except for Wales, where the most ideal day is a Wednesday and the least popular day is surprisingly a Saturday.

Movers avoid Sundays!

What may come as no surprise to a lot of people is that the least popular day of the week in the UK, in general, is Sunday, which is understandable with many of the local shops and amenities operating for a shorter number of hours or closed altogether.

August is the most active month of the year for moving, most likely due to families wanting to wrap everything up during the school holidays, but this does vary to other warmer months such as July and September, depending on which region you’re looking at.

Co-founder of Compare My Move – Dave Sayce – commented on the findings of their research. He said “Our research shows that Friday still reigns supreme for movers across Britain, with a huge 30% of movers choosing this day. With one day off work netting you three days to get settled in with the help of the weekend, it’s clear why Friday is such a favourite. If you want to nab a Friday move at a decent rate, make sure you book at least three months ahead of time, and always compare removal quotes.

“If you’re looking for a budget move, our data shows that the cheapest rates are on the most unpopular moving days of Sunday and Tuesday. Only 5% of our users opted for a Sunday move, and with businesses and banks winding down on the day of rest and Monday morning looming, it’s easy to see why”.

Fife Properties Managing Director, Jim Parker commented, “The research backs up what most people already know and if you are flexible on moving days then it is clear that you might want to take advantage of the cheapest days”.