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How Renovation Can Affect Property Prices

More than 9 out of 10 UK homeowners believe that renovations and decoration can increase the value of a property, according to the results of a recent survey.

The study conducted by Co-Op Insurance found that 91% of those asked thought the price of their home had gone up. It was also discovered that they believe renovation and decoration work were accountable for a £14,900 rise in the value of a property.

Additionally, the research found that 31% of homeowners purchase property, with the aim of gaining money from their investment.

Location proved to be a key deciding factor for many, with 34% choosing to buy in an area that’s desirable, and 32% said they went away and did research before buying in an area that was dubbed “up and coming”. 29% of people bought a home that was in clear need of some form of renovation.

62% of homeowners relied on a general increase in house prices as a way to make a profit on their property.

Many of the homeowners had changes on their mind before they moved on, with 76% of those asked, saying they made changes to their property since moving in, with 60% of those who completed the changes saying they believe it added value to their property.

On average however, homeowners who have made changes to their property paid out over £18,000 on renovations, but only see a £14,900 rise in the value.
The study shows that homeowners believe by investing in décor and bigger renovation works they are adding value to their homes for future years.

Kitchens have long been lauded as the heart of the home and the study continues to solidify this, with over half of homeowners believing that this is the room of the house that could make, or break, a sale.

It is worth thinking long and hard before making any serious changes. A different study revealed that 25% of homeowners regretted their decision, with an additional 29% saying they’re too scared to make changes.

So the best advice is to get an Estate Agent to tell you if the renovations/improvements you are about to do will add more than the cost of doing the work to make it worthwhile.