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FIFE PROPERTY MARKET UPDATE – 28th Jan – 3rd Feb 2024 (Watch/Read/Listen)





Weekly round up on what’s driving the Fife Property market including a look at recent listings, sales and coming soon:

Article, Podcast and TV Shows written and produced this week are:


FPTV EP 180: LANDLORDS IN TROUBLE: How we come to the rescue and stop things going wrong again

Hardly any landlords we meet are fully legally compliant when we first speak to them, but it’s never on purpose. In fact, most of them genuinely believe they’ve got everything handled.

Unfortunately, this often means that problems are already brewing by the time they contact us, and some of the biggest areas where landlords come unstuck.

Richard Cook and Jim Parker share their expertise and provide helpful hints and tips for landlords.




Why You Shouldn’t Sell Your Fife Home in 2024!

Is 2024 the right time to sell your Fife home? This thought-provoking article sheds light on the local property market, blending expert insights with local trends to guide Fife homeowners.

Whether you’re considering selling or staying put, discover the key factors that could sway your decision. With a balanced perspective that respects individual circumstances, this piece is a must-read for anyone navigating Fife’s dynamic housing landscape.

Equip yourself with the knowledge to make an informed choice tailored to your unique situation.






EP 108: The Wealth Creation Show: Don’t Kid Yourself

Self-deception is effective as a coping mechanism to keep us from falling prey to feelings of helplessness or depression. Overall, the tools we use to kid ourselves cause problems.

Many people bend the facts to fit their self-image, perpetuating a view of themselves that is often more positive than accurate.

Have you ever thought that you could be kidding yourself?

When it comes to your personal and professional life, do you lie to yourself?

Luckily, you don’t need to head back to school to understand this as Lettings Director, Richard Cook and one of the UK’s most successful property investors, Jim Parker are on hand to discuss.




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