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Fife Properties TV (Series 1 EP 6) Property Price Predications for 2021.

Hosts Jim Parker is joined by Letting Agent Richard Cook and Estate Agent Sam Green to discuss this week’s news in the Fife Property Market while answering questions live on their TV show every Saturday morning @ 9.30am.

Today’s agenda in case you would like to skip to the section required is:

50 sec – Is there any benefit to thinking about what could happen or might happen!

1 min 30 sec – What will happen to the value of your Fife home in 2021?

2 min 20 sec – Why are house prices are continuing to go up despite all the odds being against us!

3 min 20 sec – It’s harvest time just now. So take advantage of a rising market.

5 min 45 sec – What is driving the increase in property prices and demand in the Fife market?

6 min 35 sec – The media is fuelling the move to work in more rural locations!

9 min 30 sec – Trends v’s predications!

9 min 50 sec – The Fife property market is continuing to thrive!

11 min 30 sec – We are not seeing a slowdown in the Fife Property market!

12 min 54 sec – The government is predicting unemployment of 9.7%!

13 min 35 sec – Why is the link between unemployment and property process not direct?

14 min 10 sec – The banks still have an abundance of money to lend!

16 min 20 sec – The only source of information is the media and that’s a pretty dangerous place to get it just now!

16 min 25 sec – Nationwide sees the fastest rise in house prices in 5 years.

17 min 40 sec – It’s taking on average 19 weeks to complete a house sale!

18 min – How to speed up your house sale!

19 min 10 sec – What has driven an average 99.52% house price increase since the early noughties!?

21 min – Some first-time buyers are getting huge amounts approved for mortgages!

22 min 30 sec – If unemployment isn’t going to make a difference to the Fife property market, what is?

24 min 3 sec – Are banks becoming stricter in their lending?

25 min 35 sec – Sell your property now to beat the stamp duty threshold!

26 min 15 sec – Property prices will continue to go up next year and this is why!

28 min 50 sec – The government has learned so many valuable lessons from the credit crunch.

31 min 10 sec – Why digital improvement (broadband) is fuelling house prices in rural areas!

33 min 25 sec – How some broadband suppliers have you over a barrel!

35 min 10 sec – Our advice for Fife buy to let landlords.

36 min 20 sec – You could end up having no rent for a year!

37 min 10 sec – Everyone thinks private landlords are super wealthy!

38 min – Why are more people investing in the buy to let market?

40 min 50 sec – Are there any repercussions for tenants not paying their rent?

42 min 40 sec – We are there to protect our landlord’s investments.

43 min 25 sec – The banks are lending on furloughed income!

45 min 50 sec – Are fixed rate mortgage deals a ticking time bomb!

46 min 50 sec – Who will be the winners in the 2021 housing market?

49 min 45 sec – Will Capital Gains tax be levied on your main home?

50 min 30 sec – We have £400 billion to pay back!

51 min 35 sec – Has the SNP got it right on housing policy in Scotland?

52 min 35 sec- You need to have an additional income outside of your normal day to day job.

54 min – People are realising that a passive income is imperative.

55 min – Who would have thought we would have closing dates on rental properties!

56 min 10 sec – The importance of getting it right in the beginning of buy to let.

57 min 48 sec – We are prepared.

57 mins 56 sec – Can you sell a house in lockdown?

1 hr 1 min 45 sec – Stop watching the news and you’ll feel a lot better.


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Host is Jim Parker – Multiple business owner | Property Investor | Wealth Coach | Entrepreneur