Buyers Willing to Spend £11,500 More For a Home With a Garden
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Buyers Willing to Spend £11,500 More For a Home With a Garden

A recent survey by Foxtons collected the responses of 2,000 homeowners to find out their wants and needs when it comes to our garden.

Green Thumbed Buyers

The results found that 55% of us wouldn’t even consider buying or renting a home that didn’t feature a garden. This highlights just how important a bit of greenery is for some buyers.

It was also found that 72% of respondents would be willing to take out a larger mortgage to buy a home with a garden. On average buyers are willing to spend £11,500 extra on a home that comes with a garden.

This premium does, of course, differ dependant on location, with some gardens in central London being worth almost £150,000.

A Big Garden

Respondents also mentioned that due to busy work and social lives, they only actually use the garden 12 hours a month on average. However, it’s still a vital importance to buyers, even if they rarely make it outside.

According to the results of the survey, the average UK garden is 45ft x 36ft in size. They will feature 10 different types of flowers, a set of garden furniture, BBQ, water feature, shed, greenhouse, vegetable patch and a garden gnome as a cherry on top.

When it comes to homeowners preferences on their garden, it was found that most prefer a lush green lawn and when it comes to flowers, roses, lavender, tulips and bluebells top the list for popularity.

Gardens are Considered “Third Most Important”

A Foxtons Spokesperson spoke on the results of the survey, stating, “The availability of a garden is the third most important consideration for those looking for their new home, after the location and the size of the property.”

“According to the results of the survey, 55 per cent of us would not consider renting or buying a property without a garden. ”

“Over a third of us believe that a garden is more valuable than an extra bedroom, with 46 per cent considering both equally important.”