Get the Most From Your Home: How to Redesign Your Bedroom
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Bedroom Redesign

How to Redesign Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is supposed to be a respite from the busy goings on of day to day life. So when it comes to a sleep space makeover, it’s vital you think of every aspect of your bedroom.

Decide how you plan on using the space

Before you start planning out where everything goes; take a moment to consider what you want the main function of the room to be. Is it just a space to rest and sleep? Or do you plan of spending a lot of your time in the room? This way you can plan the layout and the types of furniture you need.
If you are happy with the furniture you have, but unhappy with the room, consider having a switch around. Just by having a little swap around, you can breathe new life into your bedroom.

Get Rid of Your Tech

Want to achieve true peace and tranquillity? Ban technology. No Televisions, phones, laptops, or games consoles. Experts say if you MUST have a TV in the room, you should consider keeping it in a cupboard or custom made cabinet, to ensure it does not dominate the space.

Choose the Right Colour

You need to find the right colour to compliment how you want to use your new bedroom. For a restful space choose muted tones, if you want to turn it into a space for sleep, opt for grey or blue to bring that calming sensation to a room.
Paint can even give your old furniture a new lease of life.

Keep Privacy in Mind

Placing your bed directly in front of your door or window can mean you do not feel like you have a lot of privacy without shutting the door and curtains. Try to position your furniture so that you can turn the room into a true sanctum.

Make Sure Your Bedroom Represents You

To redesign a bedroom does not mean you need to pick a function and stick to it. Ensure you inject it with a little of your own personality. Bedrooms are perfect for cultivating displays so whether you love photography or just like to hang jazzy textiles from the wall, make sure you style your room around yourself.

Finally… take your time!

Rushing into a project can quickly lead to a poorly thought out mess. Take the time to consider how you want your room to be and work towards that aim. It’s always better to put effort into the plan beforehand so that your ideas can fully flourish.