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ROOM AT THE TOP: Add Space and Value with a Loft Conversion in Fife (5 min read)

Spending so much more time at home this year has left many of us looking at our living spaces in a whole new light. Every spare corner has been pressed into service as a home office, classroom, gym or art studio, often juggling multiple roles at the same time. Continue reading ROOM AT THE TOP: Add Space and Value with a Loft Conversion in Fife (5 min read)

Getting the Most Out of The Wasted Space in Your Home

The majority of homeowners are guilty of not getting the most out of the available space in their home. Get the most out of your house we have put together some ideas for getting the most out of your home.

Create a micro office in your home

Depending on the size of your home, sometimes taking over a room to create an office just isn’t feasible. Why not create a micro office? A small desk or a sturdy shelf can be installed in a small area of wasted space to create the perfect working area.

Build in a multi-tasking bench

Some homes feature a huge landing and wide windows which go completely to waste! A multi-tasking bench, with storage capabilities, colourful pillows to brighten up the corridor is the perfect way to make use of the some of the space that traditionally goes to waste in most homes.

Put up some shelves

Shelves are more than just a solution to storage, it’s also a great way to decorate the wasted space in your home. Colour code your books to add a splash of colour to your rooms.

Reading nook

Unused spaces in the corner of the room or in a window alcove can be perfect for creating a reading nook. A comfy chair, a table for your drink and a pile of books is all you need to create a comfortable place for getting to know a new book.

Ceiling shelves

Most shelving units only make use of a small portion of the available space. Placing shelves on top of other units, such as the kitchen counter, or in nooks and corners with built-in cabinets, and ensuring the shelves measure up to the ceiling making usage of all the available space.