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FIFE PROPERTY MARKET UPDATE – 3rd – 9th Dec 2023 (Watch/Listen)





Weekly round up on what’s driving the Fife Property market including a look at recent listings, sales and coming soon:

Article, Podcast and TV Shows written and produced this week are:



FPTV EP 172: LETTINGS WINTER PREP: Our landlord & tenant checklist for warm and safe rentals

The weather has turned, and winter is on the way, bringing with it a chilling collection of potential problems at your rental property.





EP 101: The Wealth Creation Show: Can you Retire Comfortably on your Pension Pot?

The amount you need in your pension pot for a comfortable retirement depends on your lifestyle aspirations and factors such as outstanding debt.

But there are ways to estimate how much would count as a good pension pot for you and your lifestyle and how far your private pension will stretch.

Are you banking on a state or workplace pension funding your retirement? Or are you looking on better ways to set yourself up for a more comfortable retirement?

Luckily, you don’t need to head back to school to understand this as Lettings Director, Richard Cook and one of the UK’s most successful property investors, Jim Parker are on hand to discuss




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