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FP TV (EP 181) A NEW LOOK FOR 2024: Discover the year’s first major trends for home interiors (Watch/Read/Listen)



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Style and comfort are the perfect combination for every home – not just for quality moments, but also for adding value when you want to move.

Interior trends have a longer shelf life than the fickle world of fashion, and perhaps never more than in 2024 with its focus on developing a style from the things you already own and love.


We’ve been trawling through countless articles for long-term looks to switch up your style and add thousands to your price, and we’ve narrowed the field to five of the best:

  • Bookshelf wealth
  • Urban aunt
  • Minimaluxe
  • Geometric design
  • Spathroom style

So whether you’re looking to pile on the value as you gear up to sell, or seeking inspiration for your next decor style, let’s explore the latest interior trends for 2024 and how you can create them at home.




Do you love to read while surrounded by beautiful things? Then Bookshelf Wealth is right up your street with its upstyling of shelves from simple storage to classy curations.


  • Think beyond just books and include additional items that reflect your hobbies and interests or simply bring you joy, from ceramics and photographs to candles and beyond.


  • Arrange objects in odd pairings, like threes or fives, so you can centre one item and create a sense of thoughtful styling, rather than a haphazard jumble.
  • Keep some breathing room between your books and accessories to avoid the shelves feeling overstuffed: think about highlighting empty space as much as the objects you include.

Remember: a successful Bookshelf Wealth display is all about a look that feels carefully curated – instead of chaotic and cluttered – to turn your shelves into works of art.




One for the keen traveller, the metropolitan style of Urban Aunt comes through gathering mementoes from your travels with a purposeful vision to enhance your living space.


Urban Aunt embraces the art of collecting to build an eclectic but complementary collection that would otherwise never be in the same country, let alone the same home.


  • Instead of matching pieces of similar styles or ages, think more about the materials and tones to weave a story of colour and texture.
  • Use sumptuous fabrics like velvet, corduroy and high-pile textiles with rich, saturated hues like gorgeous clarets, deep blues, and cosy browns.
  • Mix materials with tactile and variegated surfaces like raw brickwork and rich timber, or metals that develop a patina over time, like brass, bronze and copper, for an ever-evolving depth.


Looking to fast-track the Urban Aunt style without the air miles? Head to auction houses to find stuff from around the world – nobody needs to know they came from down the road!




If you find minimalism too sparse and maximalism too much, perhaps minimaluxe is the style for you with its pared-back airy palette and pared-down display of your very most favourite things.


  • Minmaluxe is about subtle contrast and soft edges, so choose a neutral palette in either a single colour or complementing shades for woodwork, walls, furnishings and accessories.
  • Dress windows minimally, or not all. Choose blinds or curtains in the same colour as your paintwork for a sense of calm that doesn’t feel too decorated.
  • Add layers and texture through soft materials like boucle, wool and brushed cotton for upholstery, throws and cushions.


  • Keep the contents of shelves down to just a few treasured items that match the tone and mood of the room – hide everything else neatly in a cupboard.


The key is keeping it elegantly simple, rather than bare, to create a haven of chic design for curling up in a breezy, light, and stylishly soothing space.




A pattern or motif can make a space instantly more interesting, and, for 2024, geometric designs are making a return with their ability to straddle the modern traditional divide with ease. Expect to see:

  • Checkerboard rugs as part of a resurgence in sweet vintage detailing alongside pop-art florals and even ruffles on cushions.


  • Handmade tiles with flawed and tactile surfaces, from the imperfections and unique character of Zellige tiles from Morocco to the softer edges of hand-illustrated motifs.


  • Candy cane stripes: we’d advise against a top-to-bottom festival, but in moderation they can add width, length or height to rooms, or inject a burst of fun to headboards and chairs.

Whether you’re making a bold declaration with vibrant colours or an elegant understatement with neutral tones, geometric designs are a versatile way to give your look some shape.




We’ve raved about adding spa-like touches to bathrooms for ages, so it’s great to see them getting an upgrade from sales technique to design trend.


Of course, as buyers read about the trend in magazines, their expectations will increase, so try the following for an instant injection of stylish, luxury Zen:

  • Materials like stone, quartz and marble offer visual and tactile indulgence, from headliners like tiles and vanity tops to smaller accessories like toothbrush holders and soap trays.
  • Fluffy robes, plush towels, designer candles, trailing plants and warm lighting are a blissful combination for a serene and sensual atmosphere.


  • The soft warmth of timber is the perfect contrast to hard tiled surfaces, from duckboards and bath trays to open ladder shelves and towel rails.


Of course, there’s nothing like taking inspiration straight from the source, so why not head to the spa for a day or overnight stay, and tell yourself it’s for research for a guilt-free treat!



Are you styling your home to sell this year?

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