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Need to Sell in a Hurry? Don’t Make These Mistakes (2 min read)


When people put their home up for sale, they usually want three things to happen.

  1. For it to sell at a price they’re happy with.
  2. That the process completes as quickly as possible.
  3. And that it’s relatively hassle-free.

However, most people are sandwiched between those in no rush and others who want to sell as fast as possible.

The reasons behind a quick sale are varied, but in our experience, it is often linked to three things that may have happened.

The three Ds

Divorce, debt, and death can all drive the need for speed when selling a property.

But how can homeowners in this (or a similar) situation, sell their home more quickly without reverting to auctions or cash buying companies?

Firstly, the plus side of the two methods of selling mentioned above is that they can often take the stress out of a sale and inject speed into it.

The downside of both ways is that you’re pretty much guaranteed to sell for a whole lot less. Home buying companies often pay less than 75% of a property’s current market value.

So, what’s the solution?

If you need a speedy sale, make sure all your paperwork and admin are ready to go. Also, of course, it would help if you were as ruthless as possible when decluttering the property.

But what’s our biggest tip to get your property sold quickly?

Call us out to value your property. We’ll give an evidence-based valuation of what we think is achievable. Then, put it on the market at 10% under that valuation.

You’ll stand out in the marketplace without looking desperate.

To have a chat about how we’d approach selling your home quickly, contact us at any of our offices by clicking here or messaging us direct.