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Five Common Questions Landlords in Fife Want Answers To! (watch/read/listen)




You may be an experienced investor with a property portfolio in double figures.

Or perhaps you’re an accidental landlord with one rental.

Whichever stage of your rental property journey, this article should be helpful.

Below are five answers to the most common questions we get asked regularly.


Do I really need your services? Well, of course, we’re biased about this one. But if you value experts working on your behalf to protect your property, find and keep great tenants, and keep you legally compliant (and lots more), then yes – you’ll benefit significantly from working with us.


Will I have a say in which tenant will rent my property? Our role is to present you with the best possible tenants who have provided good references and assurances. Based on that information, you ultimately select who you are comfortable renting to.


Do I really need to get tenant references? Again, it’s a definitive yes. You dramatically increase the chances of a nightmare tenancy if you hastily rent to someone without doing the correct background and financial checks.


I want to check the property regularly. I assume that’s ok? Well, yes and no. You can’t just turn up unannounced. The legislation means you must follow specific guidelines. We carry out hundreds of property inspections for our landlords each year, which many of our clients find much more convenient than checking themselves.


If it does go wrong, how do I evict a tenant? This is the worst-case scenario and one that should be avoided wherever possible. We use our experience to ensure this action is a last resort as it can be very costly and incredibly stressful for you. But if it’s unavoidable, we will advise you through the whole process.


This is a small, albeit popular, selection of what we get asked. So whatever questions you have as a landlord (or tenant), please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask us. You can find out contact details here: