FIFE PROPERTY MARKET UPDATE – 26th Nov  –  2nd  Dec 2023 (Watch/Listen) - Fife Properties
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FIFE PROPERTY MARKET UPDATE – 26th Nov  –  2nd  Dec 2023 (Watch/Listen)





Weekly round up on what’s driving the Fife Property market including a look at recent listings, sales and coming soon:

Article, Podcast and TV Shows written and produced this week are:



FP TV (EP 171) GOING NOWHERE: Is your asking price or estate agent holding up your sale?

If your home has been on the market for a while, something probably needs to change to get your move underway.

Jim Parker and Perrie McIntosh discuss whether this is due to the current property market or whether it is something else that could be preventing your sale.





FIFE PROPERTY MARKET: Which homes are selling the best?

 Explore the ever-changing landscape of the Fife property market, where the dynamics of property sales fluctuate across different price ranges.

Are homes in the lower priced market selling faster than those in the upper market in Fife, or is it the other way around?

Dive into our detailed analysis as Jim Parker and Perrie McIntosh uncover the trends shaping Fife’s property scene and find out which segment of the market is truly leading the way.





Zoopla UK House Price Index – NOVEMBER 2023

 Executive summary


  • UK house price inflation slows to -1.2%, down from 8.2% a year ago
  • Price falls extend across country, but declines remain modest
  • No acceleration of price falls in markets with highest values
  • Greater realism on pricing supporting new sales volumes which are 15% higher than a year ago and 5% up on 2019 levels
  • Homes for sale touches a 6-year high boosting choice and reenforcing the buyer’s market and downward pressure on prices
  • Sellers accepting 5.5% off the asking price to agree sales, an average discount of £18,000 – the largest gap for over 5 years
  • Discounts to asking prices for agreed sales are 6.1% in London and the South East (£25,000) and 4.8% (or £11,000) for rest of UK





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EP 100: The Wealth Creation Show: The 6 Key Regrets of People on Their Deathbeds!

Many people at the end of their life express regrets of how certain aspects of their lives have played out.

Some people long to have expressed how they truly feel for other people or certain things, or some have regrets from shying away from their true dreams and desires.

This is sometimes due to a lack of confidence or fear but maybe it is simply just they ran out of time!

Do you want to live your best life, make the best of the time you have and have no regrets?

Luckily, you don’t need to head back to school to understand this as Lettings Director, Richard Cook and one of the UK’s most successful property investors, Jim Parker are on hand to discuss


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