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FIFE PROPERTY MARKET UPDATE – 23rd – 29th JULY 2023 (Watch/Listen)





Weekly round up on what’s driving the Fife Property market including a look at recent listings, sales and coming soon:

Article, Podcast and TV Shows written and produced this week are:


FPTV (EP 153) SELL NOW OR WAIT? What’s the right move for you?

When the property market takes an uncertain turn, it can throw your moving plans into doubt.


Jim Parker and Perrie McIntosh discuss what help and advice a good estate agent can provide to ensure that you are able to make an informed decision at the end of the day that is right for you.








FIFE RENTS SMASH THROUGH THE £830 BARRIER: Are Fife Landlords Profiteering?


The private rented sector for both Fife landlords and Fife tenants is facing immense challenges, with a shortage of available homes for rent putting renters under significant pressure.


Join Jim Parker as he provides insight into how rising rental costs are effecting the tenants around Fife.







Zoopla UK House Price Index – JULY 2023


Executive summary


  • Annual UK house price inflation slows to +0.6%


  • Modest annual price falls of up to -2.2% concentrated in southern England and markets with an

average price over £300,000


  • Affordable markets in economically active areas still registering annual house price inflation of over



  • Higher mortgage rates have reduced demand by 18% in last 2 months


  • Rise in mortgage rates appears close to peaking – likely to return to the 4-5% window this autumn. The

key risk is higher rates for longer


  • Resumption of modest price falls expected in H2 2023, concentrated across southern England in

response to higher mortgage rates.


  • UK prices still on track to be up to 5% lower over 2023







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EP 82 THE WEALTH CREATION SHOW: The 10 Secrets to Live a Rich Life

Our brains are wired to focus on the negative and this is no different when it comes to building success and wealth.

There are a few secrets to living a rich life and building your own success without letting the negative hold you back.

Are you able to be thankful without doubt? Do you spend time investing in yourself? Are you using your time wisely to set goals, build assets and scale up?

Luckily, you don’t need to head back to school to understand this as Lettings Director, Richard Cook and one of the UK’s most successful property investors, Jim Parker is on hand to discuss





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