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Why the Boxing Day Browsers are Still Going Strong in Fife (2 min read)

This Christmas and New Year is going to be very different for many of us.

Smaller family gatherings, no office parties and scaled-down celebrations all round.

But some things don’t look like changing at all.

And it’s not overdoing the number of chocolates we eat, hating certain gifts and having turkey sandwiches until December 28.

We’re talking about something us Brits love to do on Boxing Day – look at properties for sale.

For the past ten years, the property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla in the UK have recorded huge amounts of visitors on December 26. In fact Rightmove recorded a 231% increase in traffic last year.

This Boxing Day browsing tradition is caused by a perfect storm of time off, our addiction to gadgets and the need for change.


Well, people are at home, with time on their hands and want to have a look to see what properties are up for sale. It’s either that or sitting through the 50th showing of Elf, or It’s a Wonderful Life (both excellent films by the way).

It’s also a time people start to think about upping sticks and moving. For many, a new home in Fife is at the top of their New Year Resolutions list. It turns from being a might do to a must-do, often because Christmas can, like lockdown did, highlight your Ffie home’s shortcomings.

While the big day is indeed getting nearer, you still have time to give yourself a great chance of being seen by those Boxing Day browsers.

If you want to sell in the New Year, you need to get us to list your property now.

Obviously, you don’t want people walking around your home while you tuck into your turkey, or as the family sits around watching Christmas specials so speak to us about our Do not disturb campaign.

But having your property on the property portals before Christmas and New Year this gives it a great chance of selling earlier in the New Year.

We’ve seen that the first two weeks of January can be very busy with people visiting properties they have seen online during the Christmas break.

Not Ready? Don’t Worry

There’s no need to stress if you don’t want to be disturbed this Christmas and New Year because listing your home in January also captures the attention of restless, but very serious buyers.

So, whatever you do now’s a great time to call us at Fife Properties to visit and give you the facts so you can make an informed decision about selling now or later.

Rembmer everything we do follows the Government’s Covid-19 health and safety guidelines.

Let’s get your New Year off to a great start before it even begins.

Thanks for reading and from all of us at Fife Properties we’d like to take the opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy healthy 2021.