UK Homeowners Underestimate the Work that Goes into Selling a Home
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Selling Home Hard Work

UK Homeowners Underestimate Work That Goes into Selling a Home

Ask anyone who has sold a home and they’ll tell you it can be quite a lot of work. Many simply believe they can declare their intention to sell and then they can just wait for offers to roll in. In actual fact, there’s a lot more work that goes into selling a home and many homeowners aren’t aware of that.

 Local Knowledge

Did you know that you live in an area surrounded by student flats? Or that your property is worth more because it’s in a location with great access to local amenities? An estate agent knows that. The analysis and research we will perform will be instrumental in setting a realistic asking price for your home.

Database of Potential Buyers

Estate agents will keep a whole database of potential buyers, waiting for a property. Rather than waiting for buyers to come across the property, we will be proactive, offering these buyers the opportunity to view and buy your home.

Marketing Expertise

No one knows how to market your property like an estate agent. If you’re happy just to put it on an online estate agent and wait around complacently until it sells, feel free. Estate Agents will use a variety of the best methods for marketing your property.

– On the Internet, via our own websites and major property portals like PrimeLocation
– ‘For sale’ board at your property
– At our local branch
– Through the post
– Mobile phone alerts
– In local or national newspapers and magazines

Managing and Conducting Viewings

Estate Agents will be able to assist you in preparing the property for a viewing. We will then be able to conduct it for you, assisting the prospective buyers with any questions or guidance they need.

Advice and Guidance

Should anything go wrong with the sale, it’s important that you have someone knowledgeable to turn to. An estate agent will be able to advise you on the most common obstacles before you even encounter them and can assist you with any more serious issues if and when they happen.

Managing the Sales Process

A good estate agent will constantly manage and interact with the property chain and the solicitors, to constantly ensure that everything is on track for a successful completion. This is one of the main benefits of hiring an estate agent. We take as much of the stress as you want off your shoulders.Negotiating with the buyer

Negotiating with the buyer

Negotiating isn’t for those with a weak disposition. You need to be able to stand your ground, rebuff any unfair offers and, most critically, you need to be able to read the one making the offer. Estate Agents will know which positions to adopt and will be able to read the situation with a trained eye.