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Five Ways To Refresh Your Outdoor Space For Fife Homeowners (4 min read)

Outdoor space has rarely been so prized as it is now, with searches for properties with gardens and patios now much higher than prior to the lockdown period. We have put together five simple and inexpensive ways that you can perk up your outdoor space, no matter how much (or indeed how little) you may have available. Continue reading Five Ways To Refresh Your Outdoor Space For Fife Homeowners (4 min read)

How To Keep Your BBQ Clean All Summer Long In Fife!

With the sun finally making an appearance, BBQs will be the order of the day for plenty of us, especially after the lockdown period where a lot of time was spent indoors. However, if your BBQ hasn’t been used since last summer or you forgot to clean it after filling up on delightful treats the last time that you used it then giving it a good clean will be required. Here are a few tips to make the task as simple and effective as possible. Continue reading How To Keep Your BBQ Clean All Summer Long In Fife!

What’s Next for the Fife Property Market? (4 min read)

There is no doubt that Coronavirus will affect the Fife Property Market, but just how?


The ensuing economic challenges are going to impact the Fife (and UK) property market, yet no one knows the real answer. The newspapers eulogise different opinions, but that’s all they are – opinions and everybody’s got a different opinion. The truth of the matter is we don’t know and won’t know for another few months at least, if not more? Continue reading What’s Next for the Fife Property Market? (4 min read)

Planning Your Perfect Garden in Fife

It’s summertime and the weather has picked up, now is the perfect time to think about your outdoor space and what you can do to maximise it. We have put together a few tips to help you plan your perfect garden, ready to be your sea of tranquillity throughout the months to follow.

Continue reading Planning Your Perfect Garden in Fife

Savvy Storage Solutions For Fife Homeowners (3 min read)

Having a place to store your possessions is extremely important and can often get overlooked when property hunting. Being able to fit all of your possessions into your home whilst ensuring it stays neat and tidy can seem challenging at first. However, there is always a way to maximise your space no matter how small your living environment is. We’ve shared some of our super savvy storage hacks below to transform your home into a serene space whilst still being able to enjoy your prized possessions. Continue reading Savvy Storage Solutions For Fife Homeowners (3 min read)

The Fife Post Lockdown Property Market (6 min read)

What have we learned in the first few weeks?


Talking to most of the Fife Estate & Letting Agents and with our own findings, it might surprise many of you that new enquiries from homebuyers, tenants, landlords and home sellers being received by Fife agents are at record levels in the past week since lockdown was lifted from the property market at the end of June. Continue reading The Fife Post Lockdown Property Market (6 min read)

Summer Property Maintenance Tips For Fife Homeowners (3 min read)

Now that summer is availing itself, many of us are making the most of our outdoor spaces and enjoying the uptake in the weather. However, whilst we enjoy being outside don’t forget to keep your property ticking along during the summer months. Here are a few maintenance tips that should keep your property in tip-top condition over the next few months.

Continue reading Summer Property Maintenance Tips For Fife Homeowners (3 min read)

What Will Be the Effect of Covid-19 on the Fife Property Market?

So now we are only a matter of a couple of weeks into lockdown, yet can you believe it I am still speaking with agents from all over the UK, and I do not jest, properties are still being sold and let even in these unprecedented times. Yet I would like to address the question I have been asked many times recently “What will be the effect of Covid-19 on the Fife property market in the short, medium and long term?”

Continue reading What Will Be the Effect of Covid-19 on the Fife Property Market?

The Five Questions you MUST Ask an Estate Agent When Selling in Fife!

Life is a relentless stream of decisions.

What to wear?

What to have for breakfast?

Where to go on holiday?

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Some are trivial choices. Some are life-changing ones.

And deciding to sell your house is right up there towards the top of the decisions pyramid.

Choosing to sell is an important step but selecting the right estate agent to market your property is a crucial one. It is often the difference between a successful sale or a stress fuelled nightmare.

A key point to remember is that not all estate agents are the same.

To sieve out the good from the bad, the exceptional from the average, ask any estate agent you call in for a valuation, these five questions.


  • Show don’t tell. Any old agent can tell you how good they are. But you need to dig a little deeper and ask them to show you testimonials and reviews. An agent worth their fee won’t have an issue with answering this.


  • What’s your plan for my property? A well organised, efficient agency will have already know how they will market your property to give you the best chance of selling success. Ask them to outline the steps and marketing actions they’ll take to put your home on the road to success.


  • How long is the contract? This is a VERY important question to ask. A good agency won’t tie you in to a contract as they should be confident on doing an outstanding job. Less scrupulous agencies insist on people signing long contracts which works in their interest NOT the home sellers. Ask to see a copy of their standard contract upfront.


  • Ask for valuation evidence. When an agent tells you what they think the current market value of your home is it’s not rude to ask them how they arrived at that figure. This is a commonly asked question, and good agencies have plenty of data and comparable evidence to support the valuation.


  • How Much? Perhaps counter-intuitively this is one of the least important questions and should never be the first you ask. Why? Well, there is a difference between cost and value. Consider this. Agent A charges a 0.5 % commission to sell your home. They value it at £200,000. But only secure a sale at £190,000. Meaning you end up with £189,050 after their £950 commission.

But – Agent B charges a 1.5 % service fee to sell your home and thanks to better marketing, superior skilled staff and negotiation nous they achieve the asking price of £200,000. Meaning you end up with £197,000 after their £3000 fee.  This scenario makes it clearer that cost and value are very different things. (Fees are often subject to VAT).


Ultimately the best agents are the ones you feel so comfortable with that you can ask them anything.


Because after all, they’ll be working on your behalf.


And they need to be on hand to help, advise and support you with decisions such as how to present your property, what sales strategy to take and which offer to accept.


For more information about how we help homeowners in FIFE give us a call at any of our offices.