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Preparing to sell your Fife Property in the New Year (Watch/read/listen)




If you’re preparing to sell your Fife property in the New Year, then you might be feeling a little overwhelmed at the amount of work your Fife home requires before taking it to market. But don’t fret; we’re here with a list of top tips to help get you ready to show off your Fife home.



How to nail that first impression

Almost all of the people with an interest in your property will get their first glimpse of what your Fife home can offer in the form of pictures, either in an agent’s window or online. Not only that, but some buyers will drive by your abode to scope out its location and get a feel for it from the outside before they even enquire through the agent. If it’s not ready they might not even enquire as they have been put off before then. With that in mind, making sure your Fife home is visually appealing and attractive will be your biggest priority in preparation for listing.



So, we’d strongly recommend that you take the following into consideration:



  • Clean your windows – it’ll be easy to notice if you haven’t!


  • Give your front door a lick of paint to freshen it up and make your entrance feel more welcoming, along with a new doormat if yours is looking a little tired


  • Tidy up your entrance hall of any post and flyers


  • Clear out weeds from your paths and tidy your garden


  • Make space on your driveway for visitors to park


  • Be honest – hiding less-than desirable features in the photos won’t help you as potential buyers will see defects when they view your home



Upping your Presentation

The above tips will certainly help to give your Fife property a tidier feel, which is key; an organised home can give Fife buyers a vital opportunity to picture how they will fit into the living space. But if you want to present your home in its best possible light, then consider how you present your home.


  • Declutter – a simple suggestion but one that can have a massive impact. Removing large bulky items from view, if only temporarily will have a massive effect


  • Let in the light – keep the curtains open, windows clean and any natural sources of light clear to give your home as bright a feel as possible


  • A warm place – make sure all rooms are heated prior to viewings, even those you don’t use often


  • Bathroom spaces – keep your bathroom and toilets clean, free of mould and tidy, and make sure your toiletries are kept to a minimum.


Time-consuming as it may seem, keeping your home tidy, organised and welcoming will put you in good stead for when those viewings start. Remember; visitors need to imagine themselves in your home!


If you need any further advice or help in selling your Fife Home then please feel free to contact us on any of our office numbers.