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Post-coronavirus party plans in Fife town (2 min read)


Cupar’s Haugh Park will host a big party in September to celebrate the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

‘C in the Park’ is the brainchild of funeral director Steven Stewart, who is working with local DJ Alan White to organise the event to bring the community together.

The event would see bands performing on the bandstand, DJ sets and more, with locals being asked to put forward their suggestions for the party.

Organised for September 18th 2021, Steven said the date has been chosen to give people something to look forward to.

The hope is that the free party breathes some life into the town after the pandemic.

“I was sitting at home and everything was doom and gloom,” Steven said. “I thought ‘what can we do?’. I thought we could have a party, but then I thought ‘why not have a party for everyone?’

“Wouldn’t it be good to get everyone out and together again after Covid-19? We just want it to be a big family-friendly celebration.”

Steven posted the idea on Facebook

Within a day of setting up a new group, hundreds of people had signed up to the page, the vast majority showing support for the idea.

Steven said he has been “inundated” with people offering help.

Among those who has come forward to take part is local DJ Alan White.

He said a number of bands have come forward wanting to perform at the party, while others have offered to donate important items like PA systems and generators.

“We’ve got some really good acts coming forward,” Alan said. “There will be a good mix.

“The party is for everyone in Cupar and the surrounding area. It is to celebrate the back of this virus.

Jim Parker, Managing Director at Fife Properties heard of the event and immediately responded with a contribution of £750 towards the PA system. “It’s the least we can do. The people of Cupar have been fantastic with us and I feel it’s only right to pay this back”

To keep up-to-date with the plans, search for ‘C-InThePark’ on Facebook.