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How Are Property Priorities Changing In Fife? (3 min read)

2020 has forced us to make many changes in our lives, from home working, to self-isolation, it has created a time period for us to step back and re-think what is most important to us. As life slowed down many transformed their lifestyles and now need their homes to fit into this. This drive for change has already started to be noticed by agents and property portals, with a decrease in demand for the more vanity features and an increase in lifestyle practicality. Findings from a report released by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) have also confirmed the trends.

Home Office
When searching for property, features such as spare rooms for home offices spaces have been key for many. Working patterns have changed over the past few months, with many opting for more flexible work routines for the long haul. Home working has been found to be very productive and provide a better work life balance for many. For those that no longer want to commute, space for a comfortable home office is a number one priority.

Garden or Balcony
Properties with a garden or balcony have dramatically shot up the priority list. More that four fifths of property professionals believed that there is an increased desire for gardens or balcony’s for potential buyers. The lockdown period we have all faced has shown many how important the great outdoors is and having access to that on your own property is the most convenient way of getting outdoors.

As well as this, having space for garden storage has also been high on the property wish list. This is so that bikes and garden furniture can be stored securely. The rental sector has seen a dramatic increase in searches for property with bike storage in line with the encouragement from government to cycle to work where possible.

Proximity to Green Space
Having a garden or balcony is not the be all and end all for everyone. For some, as a long as they are in proximity or easy access to public outdoor spaces, they can still meet their needs for getting into nature. There have been many home hunters looking outside of city life to be closer to nature trails, local parks, and cycle routes. Outdoor exercise has become a staple part of fitness routines, so having nice locations to cycle or jog is key to meeting the fitness goals for many.

Home Improvements
The UK is poised to spend billions on DIY and home improvements following our period of lockdown. Spending so much time at home has caused people to have less tolerance for the areas of their home that they have been meaning to change. From extensions, to converting rooms into different functions, society is certainly starting to take ownership of their lifestyles and make their environments fit into their preferred ways of living.