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Homeschooling Timetable To Keep Your Children Entertained (3 min read)

In this 3 minute read we talk about finding new routines for your children to keep them entertained.

Now that we are getting used to the lockdown restrictions, it may be good idea to find a new routine with your children in order to keep their learning fun and exciting. We have put together an example timetable full of free resources that will more than see you through the rest of the lockdown period.

 9am – PE With Joe Wickes

Who better to kick your day off with than the body coach himself? Now something of a staple for many schoolchildren’s days, Joe Wickes’ morning YouTube sessions are the perfect way to get your little ones to burn off some of that excess energy and get the endorphins flowing. Visit his channel here

 9.30am – Geography with Steve Backshall

A very familiar face to your little ones with programmes all over the BBC and beyond, Steve Backshall is broadcasting live geography lessons to bring wildlife into your home. Watch here

 10.00am – Science with Konnie Huq

Former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq is now posting regular videos to her YouTube channel covering all sorts of topics; from cookery to science. Each video is easy-to-follow and around 20 minutes long, so perfect for a short attention span! Look at what has been posted already here

 11.00am – BREAK

It’s important to ensure that you aren’t overwhelming your children in your efforts to home-school and keep them occupied, therefore remember to include breaks in your timetable that allow them to take a breather. Concentrating for shorter, more intense bursts will reap greater rewards in the long-term so give them time between lessons to play and relax.

 11.30am – Literacy with JK Rowling

Children (and adults) around the world will recognise JK Rowling thanks to the hugely popular Harry Potter series. Rowling has now released a Harry Potter at home resource that is a huge library of activities and resources designed to nurture a child’s literacy skills – all within the realms of Harry Potter. Visit the page here, this is sure to be a lifesaver

 12.30pm – Lunch

You have made it halfway through the day – you need a pat on the back! Why not bring your littles ones into the kitchen to help you make the lunch?

 1.30pm – Story Time with David Walliams

Ease your children back into the swing of things by listening to David Walliams free stories, available from 11am each day.

 2.00pm – Science with Professor Brian Cox

Who better to teach your children science than acclaimed Professor Brian Cox? On the STEM learning website you can find easy experiments which will no doubt captivate your children’s minds and could encourage the next wave of scientists

 3.00pm – Spanish With Sergio Aguero

The BBC is launching BBC Bitesize Daily which features outstanding resources, split by year group, level and lesson. A star-studded line up is included in the teaching roster, including Spanish with Sergio Aguero, History with Danny Dyer and Geography with David Attenborough.

If you have found that these are helpful tips and you think could benefit from them or anyone else can benefit from them, please feel free to share this article. We’d love to know your thoughts as well.