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Fife Properties TV (Series 1 EP 4) Property Market Update for Sales, Lettings and the economy.

Hosts Jim Parker is joined by Letting Agent Richard Cook and Estate Agent Jimmy Mullen to discuss this week’s news in the Fife Property Market while answering questions live on their TV show every Saturday morning @ 9.30am.

Today’s agenda in case you would like to skip to the section required is: 

50 sec – Solicitors having to work weekends to keep up with demand!

1 min 5 sec – Welcome to Linkedin Live.

2 min – Why Fife is a reflection of the UK property market.

3 min – Property sales market is exploding.

4 min 30 sec – 1st 10 days of Oct sees demand outstripping supply!

6 min 17 sec – The Dilemma: Should I sell now or wait?

8 min 20 sec – Why working from home has accelerated the housing market.

9 min 30 sec – When will business start paying employees for using their home for work!

10 min 20 sec – Average price in Fife for a home 3 & 4 Bedroom.

10 min 50 sec – Demand is at a record high in Oct!

11 min 30 sec – 75.3% of 3 Beds and 67% of 4 Beds sold right across Fife.

11 min 50 sec – Why is everyone chasing 3 Bedrooms?

12 min 40 sec – Don’t extend until you get professional advice.

15 min – Are people from Edinburgh moving to Fife as house prices are lower?

16 min 30 sec – Lockdown has taught us we can work anywhere in the world!

18 min 30 sec – The number of properties sold could be great than this time last year!

19 min 15 sec – Prices in Anstruther have risen by 14%.

20 min 40 sec – Time is running out for the Stamp Duty exemption!

21 min 50 sec – The backlog is causing a slowdown in completions.

24 min 15 sec – Why Fife homes are a great buy for people in the city.

25 min – If the sale of you home was agreed today it could take until next March 2021 to complete.

25 min 20 sec – Your house may sell quick but the legal process is taking longer.

26 min – You need to make sure you have everything in place to get your house purchase or sale completed quicker.

26 min 25 sec – You could miss the stamp duty holiday if you don’t act now!

27 min 15 sec – Best advice for sellers putting their house on the market today.

27 min 50 sec – The importance of not leaving everything until the last minute.

29 min 25 sec – What’s happening in the Fife Property lettings market.

30 min 10 sec – It’s a really good time for buy to let landlords and property investors.

31 min 30 sec – The prospect of negative interest rates and higher returns!

32 min – The benefits of being a Landlord or Investor.

32 min 50 sec – Why the Top 100 earners in the world all invest in property!

33 min 7 sec – It’s not Monte Carlo or Bust it’s about creating multiple streams of income.

33 min 40 sec – The Levenmouth rental market.

34 min 50 sec – Lobbying the Scottish Government.

35 min 30 sec – Why the Scottish Government needs Private Landlords.

36 min 30 sec – People need the private rented sector and here’s why.

37 min 20 sec – The Government can’t afford a housing crash!

37 min 50 sec – The Coronavirus Act has ruined private renting for the most vulnerable in our society.

39 min 10 sec- Picking the right tenants is key to safeguarding the landlord’s investment.

39 min 50 sec – Why we wrote to the Housing Minster to say they have it wrong!

40 min 50 sec – Banks will have no sympathy for Private landlords.

41 min 40 sec – The need to use a good letting agent is essential.

42 min – The need to keep up with legislation in lettings is essential.

42 min 53 sec – Why professional investors understand the need for a good letting agent to make them more money.

44 min 30 sec – Become a dabbler in letting your property could cost you thousands!

45 min 40 sec – Scottish employment levels and what that means for the property market.

46 min 25 sec – What is full employment and what does that mean for the housing market.

47 min 40 sec – Stop watching the news. You’ll feel a lot better.

48 min 50 sec – Why jobs are being created in other industries as consumer trends are changing.

50 min 49 sec – Is the jobs market starting to grow?

51 min 25 sec – New opportunities are being created with people taking control.

52 min 30 sec – The East Neuk Salt company.

53 min 55 sec – As one door closes a window opens.

54 min 30 sec – The new smoke and heat detector legislation coming in for all households.

59 min 20 sec – Why reinvent the wheel when I could pay someone else to do the job better.

1 hr 15 sec – The importance of getting the right advice.

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Estate Agent Jimmy Mullen from Fife Properties



Host is Jim Parker – Multiple business owner | Property Investor | Wealth Coach | Entrepreneur