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Fife Properties TV (Series 1 EP 3) Property investment strategies and Local Property Market updates.

Hosts Jim Parker and Jimmy Mullen are joined by property investor Steven Clark to talk about property investment strategies including an update on the local Fife Property market while answering questions live on their TV show every Saturday morning @ 9.30am.

Today’s agenda in case you would like to skip to the section required is: 

3 min 25 sec – How did you get the nerve to get started in property investing?

4 min 40 sec – Where you an overnight success?

6 min – Does this property game actually work?

6 min 40 sec – After the crash in 2007 why didn’t you give up?

7 min 25 sec – Did you feel ashamed about failing?

9 min 30 sec – OMG Is that the price of property now!

12 min – How did you start off in buy to let?

13 min – The importance of being honest with an Estate Agent.

13 min 40 sec – Pull all your money back out!

13 min 48 sec – How did you learn about buy to let?

15 min – If buy to let didn’t exist would you have done something else?

15 min 25 sec – Buy to let is a great wealth generator.

15 min 40 sec – Why would you want to get into buy to let?

16 min 20 sec – The importance of delayed gratification.

16 min 40 sec – Have a compelling WHY.

17 min 30 sec – Our impression of retirement!

18 min 40 sec – I just want to leave a legacy.

19 min 30 sec – How difficult is it getting the right people to work with?

20 min 30 sec – Don’t underestimate the dynamics of buy to let!

22 min 25 sec – Watch where you get your advice!

23 min 10 sec – Find someone more successful than you and copy them.

24 min 8 sec – This is no longer the life for me!

26 min 10 sec – The importance of attending continuous education

27 min 40 sec – The importance of due diligence

31 min 10 sec – What’s the key numbers when flipping property?

32 min 4 sec – Getting higher returns.

32 min 30 sec – What is a FLIP?

34 min – It’s buying at the right price and that isn’t always below market value!

35 min – In hindsight it’s amazing what we are getting I the East Neuk!

37 min – How to maximise profit by playing the emotional card.

39 min 50 sec – Cash is KING! Don’t chop down the tree that bears the fruit.

46 min – How to achieve infinite returns on capital!

50 min – If you want something bad enough, you’ll find the time.

51 min – How putting the time in now will pay you for the rest of your life!

53 min – The importance of property management and not doing it yourself.

57 min 40 sec – Without people you are nothing. The importance of a power team.

59 min 10 sec – Why are banks reining in home buyers and investors!

59 min 50 sec- Glenrothes property market update.

1 hr 50 sec – Levenmouth property market update.

1hr 1 min 30 sec – Cupar property market update.

1hr 4 min – East Neuk property market update.

1hr 6 min – St Andrews property market update.

1hr 9 min – Guardbridge property market update.

1hr 10 min – Why are St Andrews flats going up in price faster!

1hr 11min – How to achieve higher returns in buy to let.

1hr 12 min – Cash is KING in buy to let.

1hr 13 min 40 sec – Do you think the government will make changes to the holiday let sector?

1hr 14 min 30 sec – The benefits of the railway station to Levenmouth.


Thank you to Steven Clark – Property Investor |Property portfolio builder | Host of the Scottish Property Podcast




Jimmy Mullen from Fife Properties



Host is Jim Parker – Multiple business owner | Property Investor | Wealth Coach | Entrepreneur