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Fife Properties TV (Series 1 EP 2) Home Reports and investment strategies

Fife Properties TV (Series 1 EP 2) Home Reports, Local Property Market updates and Property investment strategies

Top Letting Agent Richard Cook, Chartered Surveyor David Marr and Property Investor Jim Parker answers questions on their live TV show every Saturday @ 9.30am.

Today’s agenda in case you would like to skip to the section required is: 

1 min – How was the Home Report and Lettings market in lockdown?

3 min 35 sec – Has lockdown made everyone realise that they can now work from home and stay anywhere they want to?

5 min 40 sec – Why are home reports essential and what are they?

8 mins 5 sec – Does the upgrade to the EPC increase the value?

10 min 30 sec – Minimum standards for EPC’s are being introduced for all rental properties?

11 min 40 sec – Could EPC ratings become the new council tax bandings?

13 min 20 sec – What is the Property Questionnaire and what is its purpose?

15 min 40 sec – Are home reports more beneficial than the old system of getting a valuation done by the buyer?

16 mins – The controversy over the single survey!

17 min 20 sec – What do you do when you see woodworm on the home report?

18 min 30 sec – Damp: One of the most common things to come up on a home report! WHY?

21 min – The biggest contributor to damp in a property is?

22 min 50 sec – Another common issue for home reports is electrics so how does this impact on the value?

26 min 20 sec – What other elements of the single survey and what does the gradings of 1, 2 and 3 mean?

27 min 45 sec – Watch out from repair category 3! It is a warning sign but what can you do?

29 min – How do you determine the value of your property?

29 min 50 sec – How do you value a property that’s unique?

32 min – What happens if your seller’s valuation is a lot higher than you are saying!

34 min – The pitfalls of overvaluing a property!

34 min 50 sec – How long does a home report last?

37 min – Local property market updates in Cupar, East Neuk and St Andrews with Ann Marie.

38 mins – What happen to the property crash?

39 min 50 sec – A common misconception of it will sell itself or it will sell quickly!

41 min 20 sec – Lockdown has shown us that we can work from anywhere in the world!

43 min – What’s happening in the Cupar property market?

44 min 30 sec – Local property market updates in Leven, Glenrothes and Kirkcaldy.

47 mins 50 sec – The banks have an abundance of cash to lend!

49 mins 20 sec – Why is the housing market still booming?

50 min 30 sec – Will the property market slowdown in the run up to Christmas?

51 min 50 sec – How much more over the home report am I going to get and will that continue?

53 min 25 sec – Are interest rates going to drop into negative?

54 mins – Can I get higher returns in buy to let and is it safe?

55 min – Can I still make high returns in buy to let?

56 mins – How can I make 180% return over 10 years on my initial investment?

58 min 50 sec – How do I minimise my risk in buy to let?

1 hr 2 min – Property investment I purely a numbers game!

1 hr 4 min – Buying a lodge is not an asset it is a liability!

1 hr 6 min – Beware of the Furus (fake gurus)!

1 hr 7 min – Local property market roundup.

1 hr 9 min – Even if property prices crash you have lost nothing on a proportionate basis!

1 hr 11min – The property market has never been more positive!


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Host is Jim Parker | Multiple business owner | Property Investor | Wealth Coach | Entrepreneur