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Fife Properties TV (Series 1 EP 1) The Mortgage Market

Top Estate Agent Jimmy Mullen, No. 1 Mortgage Broker Neil Bird and Multiple Business Owner and Property Investor Jim Parker answers questions on their live TV show every Saturday @ 9.30am.

Today’s agenda in case you would like to skip to the section required is:  

1 min – How is the housing market in Cupar, East Neuk and St Andrews?

1 min 50 sec – How is the mortgage market?

3 min 15 sec – Does 100% mortgages still exist?

5 min 25 sec – First Home Fund stopping soon!

8 min 50 sec – Looking to rent and don’t have a deposit would it be a problem?

10 min 20 sec – How long does it take to get your mortgage approved?

11 min 30 sec – Big changes for the Self Employed!

12 min 10 sec – COVID V’s Credit Crunch!

13 min 50 sec – Lenders accepting furloughed income!

15 min 25 sec – Second time buyers only getting 85%!

17 min – No money down. Can you buy a Buy to Let and pull all the money back out after 6 months?

20 min – Is Buy to Let still booming?

21 min 10 sec – Are lenders pulling out completely?

22 min 25 sec – Are decisions in principle being withdrawn?

25 min – What been happening in the Fife property market?

26 min – How is the supply side V’s the demand side of selling property?

27 min 10 sec – What happens if property prices crash?

28 mins – How much more than Home Report are properties going for?

30 min – What is a closing date?

31 min – Holiday Home market is booming!

32 min – Furlough has made people realise they could live and work anywhere!

34 min – People are now choosing to holiday in Scotland.

36 mins 30 sec – Profile of Cupar Office’s Jimmy Mullen who turned Professional Golfer in 2015.

38 min – Jimmy and Jim talk about mindset and success principles when playing the Walker Cup

41 min 40 sec – Jimmy and Jim talking about commitment and fatherhood

44 min 30 sec – Holiday Lets V’s Buy to Let

48 min 40 sec – Wavier of Stamp Duty Tax until March 2021

50 min – The Scottish Governments reliance on the Private Rented Sector

51 min – Should I buy now or wait until the market is not so crazy?

56 min – The life cycle of the housing market and the important of FTB and BTL


Thank you to Neil Bird from Cara Mortgages




Jimmy Mullen from Fife Properties




Host is Jim Parker | Multiple business owner | Property Investor | Wealth Coach | Entrepreneur