Fife Properties TV (S1 EP 7) 5 ways on how all Fife landlords can escape the worst of the coronavirus downturn on their Fife rental property. - Fife Properties
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Fife Properties TV (S1 EP 7) 5 ways on how all Fife landlords can escape the worst of the coronavirus downturn on their Fife rental property.

Hosts Jim Parker is joined by Andrea Stanford and Neil Bird to discuss this week’s news in the Fife Property Market while answering questions live on their show every Saturday morning @ 9.30am


Today’s agenda in case you would like to skip to the section required is: 

3 min 22 sec – Each Fife Landlord Could be Hit By a £25,822 Bill!

5 min 23 sec – Are we just kicking the can down the road!

6 mins  – What is the mortgage payment holidays announcement and what does it mean?

8 min 30 sec – Are mortgage companies still allowing people to borrow based on furloughed income?

9 min 35 sec – Does you mortgage term extend if you take a mortgage holiday or do you still have to pay it back in the same term?

12 min 40 sec – If you are sitting on a variable rate for your mortgage you should be looking to see if there are better deals.

14 min 45 sec – Fife Council have a discretionary housing fund which can help tenants in need with their rent.

15 min 37 sec – How do you survive on Universal Credit!

15 min 55 sec – Citizens advice, Front line Fife, Fife Key Fund and Shelter Scotland are all great resources to help Fife tenants in difficult times.

18 min 50 sec – Should Fife Landlords be allowed to discriminate on pets and what is the best way to approach this?

20 min 50 sec – Why Fife Landlords shouldn’t say “no pets” when renting a property?

21 min 40 sec – You can take up to 2 months’ rent as a deposit to minimise the risk of taking pets.

23 min 30 sec – Our advice to Fife Landlords is to keep an open policy to pets.

25 min – Sometimes it’s better to take a lower rent to get a better tenant.

27 min 45 sec – There should be a burden on Fife tenants to prove they can’t afford their rent.

28 min – There is now an income protection plan for tenants if they get ill to help pay rent.

32 min 50 sec – Somehow, I can’t see me ever driving into a river! ???

33 mins 33 sec – Fife Landlords need to carry out firmer checks on prospective tenants and here is why!

34 mins 40 sec – You have to make sure you cover your risks when renting!

35 mins – The reality of your Fife tenant not paying their rent could wipe you out!

37 mins 30 sec  -Rent guarantee policies are not all they are made out to be and checking the small print is essential.

39 mins 10 sec – Being a Fife Landlord is not for the faint hearted and it can all start to mount up if you get it wrong!

40 mins – Evicting a tenant can cost you a small fortune and there are more manageable ways to resolve the situation.

40 mins 43 sec  – You cannot end a private tenancy agreement unless you have a legal ground. The right to end a tenancy through no fault eviction has been removed!

41 mins 30 sec – Arbitration is the best alternative to eviction which can lead to a win, win for both landlord and tenant.

43 mins 53 sec  – Fife Council are still buying back council houses, but are they competing with first time buyers.

46 mins 37 sec  – Some average rents across Fife are eye watering!


Thank you to Neil Bird from Cara Mortgages




P.A. to Managing Director Andrea Stanford




Host is Jim Parker – Multiple business owner | Property Investor | Wealth Coach | Entrepreneur