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Fife Properties TV (S1 EP 13) No Deal Brexit and the Predictions for Fife House Prices!

Is it all going to fall part next year! Will a no deal Brexit affect us? Will unemployment go sky high!

Is the world flat or are they not telling us the truth? lol

It’s all up for discussion this Saturday morning live on “The Fife property Show” will regular hosts Jim Parker, Andrea Stanford and Richard Cook.

Tune in at 9.30am for an hour of facts, figures, extrapolation as well as right out guessing. It’s your show and you’ve got the chance to ask anything live.


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1          2m 45s             Could no deal Brexit be sounding the alarm for property crash.


2          3m 24s             Could vaccinations lead the way to another property boom.


3          3m 42s             Has covid led the way to a new property boom


4          4m 52s             Is Fife beginning to see the influx of the city slickers


5          6m 03s             Is working from home the new norm


6          7m 58s             What happened to the so-called 2020 property crash


7          8m 40s             In 2016 it was predicted there would be an 18% drop in property values, so why did

it not happen.


8          9m 12s             Fife house price predictions in 2016 versus reality in 2020 and how they got it so wrong


9          10m 53s          3 Bedroom terraced houses are the most popular in Fife, and here is why.


10        13m 01s          Why are flats and apartments not doing so well in comparison to other house types and

will their prices ever recover!


11        13m 32s          Private landlords have been put off investing in the Fife Property market which is all the

more reason to invest in the Fife Property market and here is why.


12        14m 36s          Inflation drops to 0.3% in November 2020. Are we going to see a period of stagnation

and how will that affect the Fife property market?


13        16m 12s          If your money is in a standard savings account, you are literally losing money every

single day. Here’s how to turn it round.


14        17m 15s          Everybody thinks owning a property is an asset and a good thing to do but what do you

do when your property becomes a liability.


15        18m 10s          Property pundits have been wrong about the last two property crashes so can we ever

believe them again.


16        18m 47s          Since 2016 on average, property has always increased in price so what is the best sector

in Fife to invest in?


17        19m 27s          Property investing in Fife is a numbers game at it’s core. If you understand the rules of

the game you will win every time.


18        20m 03s          You don’t know what you don’t know that is why you go to an expert with a track record

In property investing.


19        22m 06s          Property investing is not gambling if you know the formula for success.


20        24m 27s          Property investment is not a speculative business and can often cost you a small fortune

if you don’t get it right.


21        24m 57s           Speaking to the right people about property investing is key to guaranteed success.

22        26m 32s          Are banks really the best people to get investment advice from.


23        28m 08s          How much profit per week have Fife homes gone up since the Brexit vote.


24        28m 54s          All property types in Fife have gone up in value on average in the last 4 years, so is bricks

and mortar still the best investment.


25        29m 26s          Covid or no Covid the three D’s will always drive the housing market and here’s why.


26        32m 38s          What drives the housing market during Christmas and the New Year.


27        34m 15s          What other factors drive the Fife property market apart from the 3 D’s.


28        36m 55s          Often renting is the best option when looking to buy in an area for the first time and

here’s why


29        39m 18s          Are the council using back door practices to get more money out of Fife homeowners.


30        41m 36s          Is high unemployment on the cards for 2021 and will it lead to a Fife property housing



31        42m 37s          Why we should increase house building across Fife.


32        47m 29s          Are Fife council being ripped off by unscrupulous contractors.


33        49m 21s          Why you should always seek a second opinion.


34        51m 56s          The problem with opinions is even idiots have them.


35        52m 48s          Don’t predict the Fife property market. Look for the key indicators first.


36        55m 15s          Furlough will probably be extended past April 2021 and here’s why


37        55m 51s          Is the Bank paying dividends a good sign for 2021. Here’s why!


38        56m 46s          Boxing day bounce to start the second Fife property boom!


39        57m 47s          Fife house prices will continue to climb if you restrict supply. Here’s why.


40        58m 18s          The government can’t afford to have a house price crash and here’s why!


41        58m 37s          The government will still continue to stimulate the Fife housing market and here’s why!


42     1h 00m 37s         Digital improvement zones are not just coming to the East Neuk, but all-over rural Fife.



Thank you to Andrea Stanford





Richard Cook, Lettings Director





Host is Jim Parker – Multiple business owner | Property Investor | Wealth Coach | Entrepreneur