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Apps To Help You With Anxiety (2 min read)

Anxiety is something that we can all experience at times, however in the midst of the coronavirus there will likely be more of us than ever who are suffering with anxiety. There are plenty of techniques to help you manage levels of anxiety, with one of the key innovations being the development of apps, we have found some of the best apps to help you cope with the current situation and beyond.

Stress & Anxiety Companion

Recommended by the NHS, this application helps you to handle stress and anxiety on the go through the use of breathing exercises, relaxing music and games designed to calm the mind.

Calmer You

Calmer You is a new app developed by Headspace’s former head of Research. The app brings together a range of tools from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy through to workouts, all with the aim to find a personalised approach that helps soothe your anxiety.

ReachOut Breathe

Focusing specifically on breathing techniques, this app guides you through your breathing telling you when to inhale and exhale in order to counter some of the effects of anxiety. You can customise the techniques which work best for you and the user interface can also measure your heart rate.

Self-Help For Anxiety Management (SAM)

This is an anxiety-soothing app with a difference; it encourages users to think about situations which cause them anxiety and how they react. Through identifying different types of anxiety and triggers, a toolkit is developed to help you cope better – one of the key features of this application is the multi-faceted approach which it takes in dealing with your symptoms.


Perfect for the current situation as this application can focus on general worry, social anxiety, perfectionism, panic, phobia, or another kind of anxiety. For each specific concern, the application can create tailored coping plans which should aid you in finding an equilibrium.


If you are looking for a more light-hearted manner in which to find your perfect coping method, then sample MoodMission. This application uses games and app rewards designed to motivate you to improve your mental fortitude.


During the Coronavirus this usually paid-for app has been made free of charge due to the demand on downloads; tracking your exercise, meals, family time and other habits it can pinpoint your bouts of anxiety.

Hopefully you’ll find all these helpful in managing you day to day lives. We’d love to hear from you if you think there are any other helpful tips and techniques out there.