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6 TOP TIPS: To Sell Your Fife Home this Christmas (4 min read)

There are some things that the British public simply cannot believe at this time of year; how cold it is, how dark it is and, above all, that it’s nearly Christmas. Nevertheless, Christmas is indeed upon us and if you are selling your home, or thinking of selling your home, you may be under the impression that it’s not the optimum time …………


Our top tips to sell your home at Christmas will show you that not only is it possible to sell your home during the festive season but it’s a doddle. Often, it’s the best time of year as activity after boxing day can jump as much as 200% on the property websites including ours. Plus, I’ll cover the new essential tool, video, at the end


Make sure you have that Picture perfect.

You know that one I’m talking about. The one that will stop your prospective buyer in their tracks! It just immediately gets into there mind and they want to see more.

If the average time that a buyer takes to look at a picture on a property advert is now 0.3 seconds, having the perfect image is essential in your quest to stop that buyer on your property listing and get them to pick up the phone, send an email or message you via social media – especially at Christmas.

Using a professional photographer is a must now when having your home photographed, it is also important to think about the staging; ask yourself whether the clutter around your home has been put away, can you remove some of your personal items in order to create more space or give everything one last polish?

Once you’ve ticked off those basics, think about the Christmas factor – do not include heavily decorated rooms in your photographs as they will detract from the space and may age your property if your home remains on the market into January. However, I would say that really good photographers can sometimes airbrush out a few of those decorations for you!



What about keeping the pine in line!

Of course, at this time of year the Christmas tree has taken its place in our living rooms, but make sure that the tree isn’t dwarfing the space it is in.

We can all get carried away with the festivities, but this may not be the year to get the 7-foot Nordic spruce of your dreams – in the same way that cramming a king-size bed into a single room will make the room appear cramped, an over-sized tree will also make your room seem smaller than it is.

Buyers like to imagine their own furniture in potential new homes, so allow them the space to do so.



You need to consider serious offers only!

Although some may suggest that Christmas is a difficult time to attract buyers, (personally I think it’s one of the best times because no one else is listing their home so you have less to compete with when you do and I’ve sold houses on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day to demonstrate than it’s possible), what it does do is attract serious buyers only. Quality rather than quantity.

You can make the most of the serious buyers in December by ensuring that you see each property viewing as the optimum chance to sell – making sure that your home is in pristine shape and you are welcome and positive about the property and the area.

Potential buyers can glean an image of what it may be like to live in the area from their interactions with you as the homeowner, so ensure that you are up-to-date about local schools and solely positive when they ask you any questions.

Similarly, being flexible may bag your buyer as an accommodating vendor, who allows for viewings at irregular hours for example, could help clinch that crucial sale.



Remember preparation is key!

Being organised could be the key in securing your Christmas sale. Make sure that your fixture and fittings list is put together, you have the legally required home report and, if you have had work completed on the house, make sure you have the relevant consents and documentation looked out.

Solicitors can be the make-and-break in a sale scenario, with a slow solicitor frustrating both buyer and seller, so take recommendations from your estate agent and have an efficient solicitor all lined up, ready for a sale.


Video and social media is everything now!

The mobile phone has become the new television as more and more time is spent on our phones while the TV is now in the background only glanced at now and again. So it’s essential to get your property on to all social media platforms with a proper campaign behind it to attract the right prospective buyers. The ones that are ready to go and often don’t have the time to look at property websites like Rightmove and Zoopla but will see your property listing on their facebook, You Tube or Instagram feed first as that’s where most of their time is spent. This is where video walk throughs especially with live interaction can often bag the right buyer for your home including videos about the actual town you live in. Remember you’re not just selling a property but a lifestyle when people come to view!

If they have already seen video footage of the beach, park, countryside and get a feel for what it’s like to live in your area they are literally sold before they even get in the door!


Finally. Be a great negotiator.

Listen out for key indicators when you are going around the property with the viewer. Pick up on the bits that they like and emphasis it again. Don’t be afraid to ask them what their thoughts are if nothing is coming back, but you need some common ground to negotiate on. It’s natural for a buyer to play their cards close to their chest for fear of being ripped off. I’m like that too, but the purpose of this exercise is to negotiate a price point where both you and your buyer are happy. This is the process that adds the most value at the end if you get it right!


I mean being in a new home early in the New Year can seem to be an impossible task, however by showing restraint with your festive decorations, and taking the appropriate steps to being prepared and organised you can certainly sell your home this Christmas and start the New Year with the perfect gift of a new home.