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Top Tips To Get The Best Price This Summer in Fife! (Watch/read/listen)




Demand for property is soaring, so there are sure to be plenty of motivated buyers, therefore now is an ideal time to prepare your property for that quick sale at the best price. So, here’s my 5 Top Tips to sell quickly but more importantly for the right price.

Kerb appeal

As always first impressions can make or break a sale with a poorly presented property often putting off buyers before they have even set foot in the home. In the summer this is especially important as buyers will often drive or walk past your home before they even decide to book a viewing. With the summer sun shining a light on any less-than-perfect parts of the exterior, you should ensure that flowers are planted, weeds are pruned, and lawns are mowed. Extra attention to details, such as ensuring that the front door has been cleaned and the windows are streak-free will pay dividends.


A neutral interior will appeal to a mass market and increase the scope of your property in terms of potential buyers, but if you are looking to make the most of the summer then don’t be afraid to use colour. Use accessories to add pops of colour around your home that reflect the brighter summer season – such as burnt orange and lemon – will make your property stand out from the crowd in those all-important photographs.


When we think of summer, we all think of sunshine and brighter evenings – so make the most of this light when presenting your home for sale. Get rid of heavy curtains and dark blinds, which can make a room feel smaller and prevent the light getting in. Buyers want to feel that rooms are bright and spacious, so if at all possible, have windows and doors open throughout the house to create a light, airy feeling as well as bringing in those fresh summer scents. Remember though if it’s windy or noisy outside then close the windows prior to viewings.


Staging a home refers to the arranging the space in order to paint a picture of the kind of lifestyle which could be enjoyed in your property. Never is it more important to stage your garden than throughout the summer months, with potential buyers wanting to know that they will be able to enjoy the outdoor space. Tempt potential buyers by showing off your outdoor spaces with garden furniture, fire pits and barbecues.

Viewing times

During the summer months many people like to start work early and leave early in order to benefit from the longer evenings; make sure that you can accommodate as many viewings as possible by being flexible with your viewing times. Allowing people to view your home early in the morning, as well as in the afternoon will help bring more people through the door and will show off your property in favourable lighting.

These are all top tips to sell quickly this summer for the best price and the key will be preparation to get your house on the market as quickly as possible.

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